Welcome to Foil.Zone

Welcome to FOIL.zone, the global community for foiling enthusiasts around everything that uses hydrofoils to fly above the water. This is the place to share & discover information around surf-, sup-, wing-, kite-, sailing-, windsurf-, wake-, downwind-, electric-,…. FOILS.

We started this community in 2017 focused on the design and building of electric hydrofoils, known as the EFOIL.builders community. It has quickly grown to the world’s largest knowledgebase around everything related to the science of building and riding efoils. We now have thousands of enthusiastic engineers, builders and riders helping each other out and sharing information on designs, best practices and safety.

Many of us are also passionate about other forms of foiling and it is time to expand our community and bring in all of our foiling friends together. That’s why we created FOIL.zone. EFOIL.builders will remain a key part of FOIL.zone as we grow the foiling community and discussions in all other areas of foiling.

If you are interested in foiling, you are at home! FOIL.zone is the place to discuss all things foil, to share ideas, exchange technical information, to learn tips & tricks, and to share the stoke and have fun!